To supplement or not to supplement, that is the question...

I strongly believe that supplementation is a valuable preventative measure for all, but is critical for those who have documented deficiencies.

There is an opinion that a well-balanced diet is all we need. I'd like to hang around those people who can realistically achieve that and have a life at the same time. If counting calories sounds like a chore, try counting milligrams and micrograms of all essential vitamins and minerals consumed in a day! 

People are creatures of comfort and habit. Despite our best intentions we tend to slip into a rut and eat what gives us most pleasure or what's easier to obtains. Even the most conscientious cannot pull this off for days on end.

Another thing to consider is proliferation of diet fads and wellness movements of all stripes. Most of them are restrictive, creating a setting where anything well-balanced is pretty much out of reach.

Naturally, the next question is what and how to supplement. There's is no one simple answer. Here I will share facts, opinions and discuss controversies. That should provide enough info to have an educated discussion with your healthcare provider or nutritionist. Sadly, not all of them are well-versed in this topic. That only proves the point that we have to become more aware of potential knowledge gaps, myths and misconceptions.

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