About this Blog

As we grow through life, the accumulated experience is meant to be shared. I finally decided to get organized and share mine with a broader audience. I am not a registered this or a licensed that and this blog is not intended to be used in place of an advice from a licensed medical, nutritional or fitness authority. Nonetheless sharing is the primary source of communal knowledge. Please use your critical thinking and common sense in your exploits in this and other blogs and in your life.

About Me 

I am life-long learner with broad and varied interests, somewhat of a Renaissance woman. My advanced degrees help me to apply critical thinking and made me adept to ploughing through dense literature. But more than that I am a caregiver at heart, attuned to our surroundings and things that nourish and nurture our well-being. In my personal development I went through phases of learning trying on vegetarianism, veganism, combination, raw, Ayurveda, Macrobiotics, Paleo... I can't say I am convinced in superiority of one approach over the other. Each one allowed me to evolve my views and consolidate experiences.  I encourage you to share yours with me.

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