Saturday, January 5, 2013

Gluten-Free vs. Freedom

Being gluten free requires a paradigm shift in what we perceive as ”FOOD”. It is as big as the one many vegetarians and vegans have yet to overcome. Vegans who quench their meat cravings by soy burgers are really ”not there yet”. In the same vein the quest for a perfect GF bread is a dead-end mission. 

Oh, the gold mine...
Why bread? Is it truly the only thing that can sustain us? Well, it is portable, versatile and filling, and it can be obtained easily, no need to cook from scratch, you can buy it if you know a good bakery. The old habits run deep. Your devious mind still retains the memory of how the real bread used to taste. No amount of fillers and creatively applied substitutes can drown the chorus of your brain cell screaming for those comforting opiate-like peptides that make the wheat bread so irresistible… 

The solution is not in switching to GF bread, pizza, cookies… you name it. It only helps the food conglomerates to cash on the new GF craze, but it does not make you any healthier - just look at all other junk in GF products! The solution is in quitting cold turkey. Yes, vegans, and that’s what I suggest to you as well. It's better be cold turkey than tofurkey! Cook, try something new, be brave to shun the established conventions and your own entrenched believes of how the "real food" should look like. The only food that's good is the one that truly nurtures you body and soul, not the one that can be fit into a particular "dish" category. 

Love thyself genuinely and unconditionally, dare to experiment and thou shall be free.

And don't forget to smile...

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